2020 Reflection on our 20 Years in Business

At the end of last year, we gathered associates from around the world and celebrated our firm’s 20th anniversary. We founded ViewTrade in 1999 with the idea to provide foreign banks, brokers, and other financial institutions with electronic access to the US markets. At that time self-directed online trading was becoming exceedingly popular, so we built a team of very experienced associates and made it happen.

In the early years, investors had little experience trading stocks outside of their own local markets. As communications and technology advanced, brokers and banks of all sizes were empowered to allow their customers to trade anywhere in the world. And advancements in the speed of execution brought minutes down to a fraction of a second leading to better liquidity and the drastic lowering of execution costs.

The industry evolved and so did we.

Within the past 5-years we’ve seen an investor base that has exploded, primarily due to the innovations that have allowed market access to go from the desktop and broker-assisted to a new mobile generation with trading on the go. It’s important to understand what tomorrow brings and we remain at the forefront of new trading technologies.

Today, ViewTrade’s solutions continue to help banks, broker-dealers, advisors and fintech firms around the world compete by offering solutions for U.S. equity and options trading, as well as a growing list of global markets. We have a presence in 4 countries, and we work with clients in 18 countries on 4 continents representing millions of individual investors.

Our passion for technology, innovation and client service continues to fuel our growth.

  • Many of the clients we work with today have been with us for many years, some since the beginning. Our unique client engagement model makes it easy for us to respond to every inquiry in a timely manner. Many of our associates live in the local markets we serve, and we never compete for retail clients in those markets.
  • Working hand-in-hand with our technology company, our robust suite of technology APIs enables our clients to pick and choose solutions that suit their needs best—to beat their competition. From account management and digital onboarding, to risk management, market data or fractional shares trading solutions, the “partnerships” we have developed with our clients over the years have been invaluable, and our relationships go far beyond trading platforms or product development.

The U.S. markets have always been the leader in technology innovation, and as such we are able to bring these desired innovations to financial firms around the world. As I think about the next decades at ViewTrade, I am excited about the exponential advancement in the technologies we will build, and our plans to further support clients in exploring new opportunities allowing them to achieve their version of success.