Modern Technology

And Brokerage Services,

Built for the Innovators Among Us

Modern Technology​ And Brokerage Services, Built for the Innovators Among Us

ViewTrade is the force that powers fintech and cross-border investing, helping innovators quickly launch or enhance a retail investing experience.

About Us

Since inception, our focus has been on opening up previously inaccessible markets to businesses providing financial services to investors worldwide. Our founding coincided with the emergence of online retail brokerage outside of the United States, and ViewTrade led the way by providing innovative, electronic access to the all-important U.S. market.

Today, ViewTrade is the force that powers fintech and cross-border investing for financial services firms throughout the world. We provide the technology, support and brokerage services that business innovators need to quickly launch or enhance a retail investing experience. Over the past 20 years, our approach has helped 300+ firms – from technology startups to large banks, brokers and advisors – create the differentiating investment experiences their customers’ demand. With clients in over 20 countries and a team that brings decades of experience and an understanding of brokerage technology and services, we help our business clients deliver the investment access and financial solutions they require.

Our Team

At ViewTrade, every person matters, and each person’s contribution is critical to our
business clients’ growth and success, and therefore ViewTrade’s growth and success. With over 110+ team members, we have the technology, financial services and brokerage operations experience to help our business clients’ succeed. Meet some members of our team.

Tony Petrilli

Chief Executive Officer

Kenneth Chan

President – Technology Services

James St Clair

President – Brokerage Services

Ronit Kar

Chief Executive Officer – ViewTrade International IFSC

Nigel Singh

Chief Executive Officer - ViewTrade International, Australia

Laksh Gangwani

Chief Revenue Officer – APAC and Middle East

Barry Bernstein

Managing Director, COO – Technology Services

Carl Brazendale

Chief Operating Officer - ViewTrade International, Australia

Michael Grossberg

Senior Vice President – Custody and Clearing Services

Andy Liao

Regional Manager – Asia

Moran Zur

Regional Manager – Europe and Israel

Jody Giraldo

Director, Institutional Sales – Latin America

Bob Dombrowski

Customer Relations

Caroline Flanagan

Customer Success

Kerri Buggy

Operations Officer - ViewTrade International, Australia

Megan Deihl

Chief Financial Officer

Daniil Sosonkin

Financial Technology Core Services

Kathleen de Gorostiza

Financial Technology Core Services

Sergei Lishchenko

Digital Experience Technology Services

Ron Pilatski

Financial Institutions Operations

Desi Pinheiro

Financial Institutions Support Services

Johanna Wallengren

Fintech Retail Operations

Grace Kong

Financial Institutions Onboarding

Jeff Dong

Infrastructure and Network Services

Mustafa Khokhawala

Cloud Services

Rachel Hemple

Editor – Passport to Wall Street

Bill Li

Advanced Solutions

Yvonne Chen

Advanced Solutions

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At ViewTrade, we’re proud of the recognition we’ve received for excellence in helping our business clients deliver investment experiences to their customers.


WealthBriefingAsia Award – Best Onboarding Product


Benzinga Global FinTech Award Runner-Up – Best Trading Technology


FinanceFeeds Award – All-in-One Brokerage Solution


WealthBriefingAsia Award – Overall Wealth Tech Provider India


Benzinga Global FinTech Award Listmaker – Best API


NJ Biz Digi-Tech Awards – Innovator of the Year Honoree

The Force That Fuels Digital Finance

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