AdvisorHub: New Generation Tech Tools Amp Up Advisor Effectiveness

Tony Petrilli has waited a long time for this.

“I dreamed of this technology for 30 years, technology that allowed rapid development and customization on the front without being constrained by the operational controls required on the back end, and it is finally here,” says the CEO of ViewTrade Holdings.

The technology he dreamed of during all those years as a senior executive at financial companies, he says, will give Registered Investment Advisors the ability to customize their platform to their investment process, with tools specifically geared to giving them an edge.  It’s the technology ViewTrade Institutional has developed.

Though ViewTrade Securities has been providing technology services for financial firms around the world for nearly 20 years, ViewTrade Institutional is a new player in the custodial space for RIAs, with a solution rich in investment decision-making tools and the full set of operational and administrative tools for smooth operation of the RIA.  

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