AI Business: 2022 Top Predictions for AI in Finance

AI finance experts expect more personalization and increased deployments

Here are views on what is likely to occur in artificial intelligence in the world of finance, according to leading academics, analysts and AI experts.

Leading AI voices from the likes of HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and Omdia Icertis provide insights into everything from incoming regulation to quantum computing use cases.

AI to play a larger role in risk assessment

Kenneth Chan – President of Technology & Crypto Services, ViewTrade

“It is no secret that AI has played a major role in the ongoing democratization of investing. My prediction for next year and beyond is that the major growth we’ve seen in retail investing will continue at a rapid pace – and AI will continue to fuel that growth. AI has helped to level the playing field for investors. Today you don’t have to be a high-net-worth (HNW) investor to get personalized financial advice, there is a chatbot for that. These AI-driven chatbots will only continue to get smarter.

“Machine learning can now sift through various financial accounts and profiles for a user and provide a snapshot of recommended to-dos on a dashboard. This will continue to gain traction in the decade ahead. AI has also helped to simplify the client onboarding process, while also enhancing the customer experience. Going forward, as the retail investing trend continues to grow expect AI to play a larger role in risk assessment, risk management, and fraud detection. This will enable businesses to scale and keep up with heavy volatility.”

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