ViewTrade: Always a Singular Vision, Now a Unified Brand

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, ViewTrade has always been focused on meeting our clients’ and partners’ needs. With our deep industry experience, innovative technology, business- to- business brokerage services and unending commitment to support our clients and partners, we’ve helped brokers, FinTechs and financial services firms around the world meet the needs of their retail customers. 

To do this, we built our technology around the notion that every financial services client is different, as are their use cases – but at a certain level, their needs have a great deal in common. For example, many of our clients need a smart and efficient way to open accounts and onboard customers. It may be a new retail customer for a broker, or new clients for a robo-advisor platform, or new clients for a subscription service – often for firms operating across multiple countries – so there are differences that need to be accommodated. But at a fundamental level, all account opening processes follow the same basic steps before the use case-specific rules need to kick in. Our technology solutions cover the fundamentals and have the flexibility and configurability to handle specific needs of the use case, all in repeatable and economical ways.

It’s how we ultimately built what is now a robust technology solutions portfolio and API suite containing a full complement of turnkey solutions or individual microservices elements covering the full lifecycle of investing, plus the connections to exchanges, brokerage firms, custodians and service providers. Rather than building closed solutions, our design approach has always been open and modular – a stark contrast to the type of technology that was and, in many cases, still is the norm.

It’s gratifying that financial services innovation can make investing accessible to everyone.  Open systems, modular designs, seamless integrations and microservices-based architectures is what allows “fintech” to happen. ViewTrade can deliver full, turnkey technology and brokerage solutions, or just a single API. Simply put, it’s modern technology and brokerage services for the financial innovators.

The fact is, while we are known around the world by our operating companies (ViewTrade Securities or Orbis Systems Inc), we want you to know us as one company – a leading fintech solutions provider with a business-to-business brokerage capability, ready and committed to help you grow your business and solve your needs, whether that is to enter new markets, create new services, or streamline current technology and operational workflows.

That brings me to today’s exciting news. We’re thrilled to share with you the new, unified and fully rebranded ViewTrade.

Our new look and feel are meant to better reflect what our entire company can offer. It’s a bold and vibrant look that reflects the technology expertise, top-notch support and brokerage services that have long been the hallmarks of Orbis Systems and ViewTrade Securities.

To communicate that we’re a multi-faceted company operating under the singular ViewTrade umbrella, we created a new corporate logo that represents the three interconnected elements of our value proposition: technology expertise, exceptional client support and comprehensive brokerage services. In addition, we’ve completely revamped our website with new, unified messaging and easier access to all our information and resources.

In summary, ViewTrade has been around for some time – but really, we’re just getting started. We’re excited about our new, unified brand because it speaks more to what our company is today, and it signifies the positive energy that’s propelling us forward. For our clients, partners and prospects, it means a wealth of possibilities.

The ViewTrade Team is grateful for all the support we have received from our clients and partners, and we are responding with new and exciting services that will support your current business and inspire new areas of opportunity.

Our new brand marks the start of the next phase of the ViewTrade journey. Let’s take the Journey together!  

Anthony Petrilli
Chief Executive Officer