APAC Trends Part One: Legacy Financial Institutions

In this two-part series, ViewTrade’s CRO of APAC & Middle East Laksh Gangwani shares his perspective on the top trends shaping FinTech and WealthTech in the APAC region. He examines these key developments from two focal perspectives — traditional financial institutions and modern fintechs — each of which presents unique opportunities and challenges when it comes to innovation.

In Part One, Laksh examines three prevalent trends across APAC’s established financial institutions:

  • Push towards efficient structures and processes

Banks and brokerages are striving towards faster, tech-forward onboarding to provide a modern experience and meet the demands of their quickly evolving target audience. They are also looking to facilitate cross-border transactions — as fast as instantaneously — without accruing additional, material risk.

  • Increased investment in back and middle-office systems

Traditional institutions have caught up on the UI game, but a user-friendly interface no longer gives firms the edge it used to. Nowadays, back-end systems need to keep up with real-time client experience, and firms are investing accordingly. Movement to the cloud is prevalent as well.

  • Appetite for a larger product catalog

As legacy institutions upgrade their systems via efficient processes and modern technology, they’re increasingly able to expand their suite of offerings. Major APAC players are pivoting towards offering foreign equities, fractionalization, fixed income and even structured products.

Catch the full video above and stay tuned for Part 2 of the APAC Trends series!