Best Recipe for 2021 – ViewTrade

What worked well for you this year? Did you start a new RIA firm? Become an internet advisor? Build a new robo platform? Find a new custodian? Create a paperless new account process?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with advisors “ready to put 2020 in their rear-view mirrors”.

Why? 2020 brought SO MANY speed bumps that they had not planned for. Advisors spent much of the year managing clients’ COVID-related fears and managing their own anxiety as they anticipated changes given the mergers of their custodial services providers.

Those same advisors are ready for a fresh start and in some cases a new direction.

Client Relationship Management

As you get ready for 2021, think about tapping into resources that can offer consultative support making your client’s process quick and easy. You may feel the urge to move in a new direction to upgrade your technology or enhance your client experience and may not know where to begin. We can help.

We’re not just another vendor. We have experience that has enabled us to work flexibly to meet clients where they are.

We’re not just offering a product. Or a service. The solutions we provide become a piece of a client’s business helping them to grow and scale

Innovation by ViewTrade

ViewTrade has a “secret sauce” that has enabled us to thrive for the past two decades. While I can’t put that sauce in a bottle for you, I can share my own “secret sauce” recipe for those of you who like to cook just about anything on the grill. Email me and I will share my family’s favorite BBQ sauce recipe with you. And of course, I’d also be happy to talk about how ViewTrade is helping RIAs innovate.

I’m certain that 2021 will have a new flavor.