Financial IT: Firm Becomes Integral Partner for Indian Fintechs

Interview with Kenneth Chan, President of Technology & Crypto Services

1. Please tell us a little about ViewTrade Holding Corp’s history.

In 1999, ViewTrade Securities, which is now a subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding Corp., was founded to provide turnkey solutions to meet the technology, information and brokerage needs of brokerage firms and banks worldwide. A few short years later, to expand on that success and provide more solutions for our clients, we invested in our fintech subsidiary Orbis Systems.

Over the past 20 years, the firm has evolved to provide cloud-based API infrastructure and services to empower complete trading and investing lifecycle products, from account onboarding to executing the trade, for financial firms worldwide. Our solutions help banks, broker-dealers, advisors and fintech solution providers compete by offering solutions for U.S. equity and options trading, as well as a growing list of global markets. We enable firms to create their customer’s user experience without the burden of building the backbone of technology that is necessary to meet regulatory, vendor, operational, and connectivity requirements.

2. What does the company do? What is your geographic footprint? What recent developments would you highlight?

We are in the business of digital financial technology. By providing simple, yet powerful technology tools to online brokers and fintech startups around the world, we level the playing field for customers who used to be impeded from the lucrative U.S. markets. We create opportunities for newer social trading apps to come to market more quickly. Instead of a company having to invest heavily in a technical engineering team, we get them up and running more efficiently with our flexible turnkey API system and our white-label trading platforms. Recently, our company has been able to equip our clients with the ability to trade fractional shares in U.S. equities, streamline account opening with completely digital CIP (Customer Identification Program) solutions, and expand our turnkey operations from our Taiwan office to better serve our clients in the Asia-Pacific region. We have a global presence in four countries and work with clients in more than 20 countries on four continents representing millions of individual investors.

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