Harrington Starr TV: Global Investing Trends in 2024 | FinTech Focus TV with Laksh Gangwani

In this episode of FinTech Focus TV, host Toby Babb, Founder and CEO of Harrington Starr, is joined by Laksh Gangwani, CRO (APAC & Middle East) at ViewTrade. 

Together, the pair delve into the value of partnership, explore the latest macro trends in brokerage and tech, as well as the importance of pushing towards a more realistic business model, after the post-COVID tech bounce. Laksh extols the virtue of diversification in investment, speaks to the impact of the globalization of labor and some of the challenges present in the current investment climate. 

Toby and Laksh also dive into the importance of finding the right talent, the roadmap to success and Laksh’s key observation: that hiring is a privilege. 

This episode covers everything you could possibly want to know from a key player in the world of investment, at a time of immense flux.