Intern Spotlight: Belle Kuo

Last year, we published a letter we received from one of our former interns, Alan Su, about his experience at a ViewTrade-sponsored university competition, his time interning with us and how these experiences helped him launch his career.

Today, we are pleased to share a Q&A with another former intern, Belle Kuo. Belle worked with our team, supporting them through a variety of projects while building her own skillset and confidence for a career in a new industry.

How did you first learn about ViewTrade and your internship opportunity?

I first learned about ViewTrade through a unique personal connection—my mother, who
works in the securities firm industry. ViewTrade was expanding its business to Korea and
needed someone fluent in both Korean and Mandarin to facilitate its sales efforts there.
Given my language skills and the fact that my mother’s company was a client of ViewTrade,
I was referred by my mother’s boss. After undergoing a straightforward interview process
and completing a few quizzes to assess my suitability for the role, I was thrilled to be offered
the internship.

What made ViewTrade stand out to you?

ViewTrade stood out to me because of its unique position in the financial market,
providing cutting-edge technology solutions for trading and investment. The company’s
commitment to innovation and its global approach to the financial markets really appealed to
me. It seemed like a place where I could learn a lot and be at the forefront of financial

Take us through a typical day of your internship. Who did you work with? What kind of work did you do?

During my internship at ViewTrade, my days were mostly spent working remotely, with a
primary focus on the Korean market. My tasks included conducting Korean market research
and performing translation work to support our sales and marketing efforts. When my bosses
visited Korea, my role expanded to include translating and facilitating communication with
our Korean clients during business meetings. These experiences allowed me to learn a lot
about international business and the specific challenges and opportunities in the Korean
market. It was an invaluable opportunity to apply my language skills in a professional setting
and gain insight into the workings of a global financial services company.

What are you doing now? How did your internship at ViewTrade help your career?

I’m currently working in a completely different industry from my internship at ViewTrade.
I’m involved in marketing and product management for a Korean cosmetics brand,
specifically overseeing the entire Taiwanese market. Despite the industry shift, my internship
at ViewTrade has significantly contributed to my current role. The analytical skills,
understanding of market trends, and ability to communicate effectively across cultures that I
developed at ViewTrade have been invaluable. Working remotely and navigating the
complexities of the Korean market during my internship helped me hone my ability to work
independently and adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. These skills have been
crucial in managing marketing strategies and product launches for the cosmetics brand I’m
with now. The transition from finance to cosmetics might seem vast, but the core
competencies in market analysis, strategic planning, and cross-cultural communication have
been seamlessly applicable and instrumental in my success in the marketing field.

What advice do you have for students who may want to follow in your footsteps?

My advice for students interested in a career in finance, especially in areas that intersect
with technology, is to seek out hands-on experiences as early as possible. Internships like
the one I had at ViewTrade are invaluable for understanding the industry and developing
relevant skills. Also, don’t underestimate the power of networking; attending industry events
and connecting with professionals can open up many opportunities. Lastly, always be
curious and willing to learn; the financial industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving, so
being adaptable and eager to acquire new knowledge is key.

Belle Kuo, former ViewTrade intern