Intern Spotlight: Daniel Chau

Last year, we published a letter we received from one of our former interns, Alan Su, about his experience at a ViewTrade-sponsored university competition, his time interning with us and how these experiences helped him launch his career.

Today, we are pleased to share a Q&A with another former intern, Daniel Chau. Daniel worked with Asia team, supporting our team through a variety of projects while building his own skillset and confidence for a career in a new industry.

How did you first learn about ViewTrade and your internship opportunity?

I first learned about ViewTrade when I was participating in a trading game competition held by JUIG. An internship opportunity with ViewTrade is reserved for the JUIG Champion. I thought this internship would be a great and meaningful opportunity for me to learn more about the brokerage and trading world. Fortunately, I turned out to be the Champion in the JUIG competition and therefore earned this valuable internship opportunity.

What made ViewTrade stand out to you?

I found ViewTrade’s business model to be quite unique. Before I started my internship, I had limited knowledge as to how a B2B brokerage worked. I thought all brokerages would have their own license and never thought about how a B2B brokerage can power and support other entities. With this newfound curiosity, I was really excited to join ViewTrade and explore its business further.

Take us through a typical day of your internship. Who did you work with? What kind of work did you do?

During my internship with ViewTrade, I worked with the Asia-based full-time employees, primarily Andy Liao and Levi Tsai. My day-to-day consisted of shadowing them in different client meetings, and I was given the opportunity to discuss my thoughts and any feedback, concerns or doubts following the meetings. Through this experience, I learned so much about how real-world brokerage businesses operate. While at ViewTrade, conducting research was another aspect of my internship. I studied policies related to brokerage businesses and trading across different regions.

What are you doing now? How did your internship at ViewTrade help your career?

Right now, I’m pursuing my Bachelors degree at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). My internship experience at ViewTrade has given me insights on how a successful brokerage business operates and it helped prepare me for a career in the financial or a finance related industry. This internship experience also helped improve my performance during job interviews as I now have a deeper understanding about the industry and experience working with people in it.

What advice do you have for students who may want to follow in your footsteps?

For current University students considering an internship at ViewTrade, trust me when I say this is a worthwhile experience, especially if you wish to further explore the brokerage and trading world. 

Daniel Chau, former ViewTrade intern