My Journey Into Fintech – ViewTrade

A few years ago, in the summer of my junior year at National Taipei University, I saw a post for an intern position in our school’s bulletin board on Facebook.

ViewTrade was looking for a translator to translate content from English to Chinese for Passport to Wall Street—a product offered by Orbis Systems.

The position interested me, and I thought it may provide me with more opportunities to look at the U.S. Markets—especially because at that time, I was a junior year student and looking for a future career. While I was a student majoring in foreign language and linguistics, I still wanted to commit myself in the finance field.

I responded to the post and met Regional Manager Andy Liao at a trendy coworking space in Taiwan hidden under an old building with different art and design workshops. It was an international community and had a feeling of being both modern and traditional.

Passport to WallStreet

Shortly after we met, Orbis offered me the role of translation intern and I accepted. The articles on the Passport to Wall Street platform are diversified and interesting, offering news and commentary including Market updates, and Weekly IPO and ETF updates. That opportunity enabled me to learn about market events and practices through translation of Passport to Wall Street articles.


Early in my internship, Andy invited me to visit some of ViewTrade’s clients. Being included in those visits enabled me to learn from him—I learned how to service our brokerage clients and I learned how to educate financial firms about our various B2B solutions.

In May 2019, I was able to participate in a longstanding ViewTrade tradition.


Each year ViewTrade invites its staff (even including interns) to join the Five Boro Bike Tour in New York. It was my first time abroad and Bob invited me and Andy to New York and we stayed at his house in New Jersey. I enjoyed visiting ViewTrade’s Jersey City office where we designed the bike shirts ourselves and later accompanied clients for a tour of New York City.



Fintech: Where Big Ideas Happen

A few months prior to that, Andy Liao, Ken Chan, President of Orbis Systems and Bob Dombrowski, Chairman and Managing Director, ViewTrade Holdings had discussed the concept of hosting a fintech competition for teams of students in Taiwan to generate new ideas in the field of financial technology. I helped to coordinate many of the details, and we held the first ViewTrade/Orbis FinTech Challenge in June 2019 at National Taipei University (my alma mater).


Just after graduating in 2019, I received an offer letter from ViewTrade. It was a magical experience to transition from being an intern to becoming a full-time associate. Many of my friends were impressed at how I made it happen.


Currently ViewTrade’s office in Taiwan is in a coworking office brand “Spaces”. I stayed in Shanghai in the end of last June and visited Spaces there. It is on the 29th floor of Shanghai Tower which is the tallest building in China. Using Spaces gives us the ability to be more agile in every corner of the world.



Working as an intern and now as a full-time associate with ViewTrade has taught me how interesting and fast-paced the financial industry is. ViewTrade has been growing for the past two decades and this past year we hit several new milestones in Asia – including becoming a corporate member of Taiwan Startup Stadium.

I look forward to helping ViewTrade and Orbis continue to grow in this dynamic industry.