New Research: The Evolving Needs of the Asian Retail Investor

ViewTrade, the force that powers fintech, in collaboration with Kapronasia, the leading Singapore-based fintech research and consulting firm, jointly published a new study today, “The Empowerment of the Asian Retail Investor: Understanding the Evolving Investment Behavior of Asian Retail Investors and How to Cater to Them.” The research was conducted by Kapronasia and commissioned by ViewTrade.

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“At ViewTrade, we work with the most forward-thinking brokers and fintech innovators across Asia and support them in their efforts to constantly improve the trading experience for their clients,” said Mr. Andy Liao, Regional Manager, Asia at ViewTrade. “We think the insights from this study can help our clients and the overall industry continue to evolve and best serve investors both today and tomorrow.”

The research offers a deep dive into the current emerging trends and competitive landscape for brokers across the region and shares advice on what service and technology providers need to do to stay ahead. It also provides a snapshot of today’s Asian retail investors and reveals what they are looking for when it comes to investing experiences.

“What is clear from our research is that digital transformation is bringing about a profound shift in how retail investors across Asia expect to be served,” said Mr. Zennon Kapron, founder and director of Kapronasia. “If brokerages across the region want to remain relevant, they have to invest in digitalization and providing the user experiences customers have come to expect.”

Key Findings

  • While the main revenue generator for the majority of brokerages across the region is still the older investor segment, they cannot afford to take their eye off strategically important younger retail investors.
  • The stark lesson for brokerages across the region is digitalize or cease to exist. The switch by retail investors to online has been dramatic. The switch to mobile has been more dramatic still. (For example, ViewTrade’s partner Sinopac is now seeing 95% of their clients using mobile.)
  • Customer-centricity has become the name of the game. Rapidly changing customer preferences require agility to respond quickly. Brokerages have to become adept at providing that customer journey.

“The technology and the customer experience are really changing, and this is something which is very important because if you look at everything that is available in the market today, the emphasis really is on that client journey. And making sure that it is a seamless client journey, and that it scales,” said Mr. Alexander Thorhauge, Head of Retail Business at Maybank Securities, one of ViewTrade’s clients who was quoted in the study.

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