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A rapid rise in retail demand for US options trading has created heightened pressure for brokers to adapt and diversify – and a rich opportunity to expand your offerings. Unlocking this surging asset class, however, requires uniquely tailored support, significant expertise and the ability to scale quickly.  

By arming brokers with the foundational elements they need to stand up a robust options trading business, ViewTrade enables faster innovation that aligns with their precise business goals.

Here, you’ll find a collection of materials covering our technology, support and brokerage services for retail financial firms looking to deliver differentiated options trading experiences to their clients.

Inside Options Trading with ViewTrade

Case Study — How ViewTrade Helps eToro Deliver Intuitive Options Trading to a New Generation of Investors

In this case study, learn how ViewTrade played an integral role in accelerating eToro’s time to market with a best-of-breed options trading offering, enabling it to quickly gain market share.

Fact Sheet — Options Trading Technology, Support and Brokerage Services to Empower Retail Investors

This one-pager provides an overview of our full suite of comprehensive solutions that unlock access to a wide range of options types, contract sizes, margin calculations, settlement times and more.

Blog — Options in Focus: How Financial Services and Fintech Firms Can Meet the Surging Retail Demand Through Technology, Data and Choosing the Right Partner

In this blog post, explore the diverse use cases for providing options trading to investors and how ViewTrade can help your firm power a distinct new business line at a fraction of the time and costs needed to build it from scratch.

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