Orbis Systems Partners with Signzy to Expand Identity Verification Services to India

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Orbis Systems, Inc. is partnering with Indian banking workflow automation platform Signzy to enhance its Global Identity Verification Services in India.

Orbis Systems, a subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding Corp. and leading fintech company specializing in a vast array of world-class solutions for companies seeking frictionless access to the U.S. securities market, market data, and banking solutions, offers identity and document verification services to confirm the authenticity of a wide range of government-issued ID documents, including driver’s licenses, passports, visas, and more during the onboarding/account opening process.

Orbis’s Global Identity Verification Services offers a tailored experience for each client, including customized decision logic and vendor selection. Through its partnership with Signzy, Orbis is able to offer local identity checks for Indian residents, as well as global checks across the Orbis network of vendors, delivering a more comprehensive identity check. Furthermore, Signzy’s advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology will be used to extract, compare and verify information from official documents, automating and easing a traditionally complicated process.

“Since we implemented Signzy during the new account opening process, our entire workflow has improved tremendously. Knowing that the documents are verified directly with the local government data is a peace of mind that not many companies can provide; the reliability of that authentication is great,” said Johanna Wallengren, Operations Manager, ViewTrade Securities, another subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding that relies on the technology powered by Orbis Systems. “Signzy is an amazing partner for our compliance needs globally, as ViewTrade is an industry leader in performing the most thorough background checks in order to protect our company and clients against fraud.”

Signzy’s onboarding suite powers banks, financial institutions and fintechs across 180+ countries with 10 million onboardings a month. Signzy’s identity authentication automates the verification process and helps businesses reduce turnaround time in onboarding by 90 percent, while meeting AML and KYC legislation and improving fraud detection.

“Orbis has a legacy of bringing tech transformation to global financial firms. We are excited to bring the next level of digital transformation in customer onboarding for fintechs and financial firms across the United States,” said Arpit Ratan, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer, Signzy. “Orbis Systems is a perfect partner for Signzy in our global expansion.”

Orbis also has access to Signzy’s wide array of KYC capabilities to further verify identity using official information and documentation provided by the client and analyzed through Signzy’s Smart Match technology to yield more positive results.

About ViewTrade Holding Corporation

ViewTrade Holding Corp. (ViewTrade), through its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities, Inc. and Orbis Systems, Inc., is leading the industry in the digital shift to embedded finance and helping to democratize investing across the globe. ViewTrade offers clients – ranging from broker dealers, to RIAs, to fintech disruptors and financial institutions — a competitive edge by providing a direct and cost-efficient connection to U.S. markets. ViewTrade Securities’ products run on Orbis Systems’ innovative technology.

Orbis has more than 20 years of experience operating in financial markets. In addition to powering ViewTrade platforms, Orbis Systems provides other fintech disruptors and innovators game-changing APIs and seamless integration to broker-dealers, clearing and custodian providers, market data and information content providers, as well as AML and KYC vendors.

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