The Experience, Technology

And Services You Need

—All in One Place

The Experience, Technology And Services You Need-All in One Place

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping broker-dealers, advisors and fintechs around the world create great experiences for their customers.


Our team of technology and brokerage operations specialists provide exceptional value, drawing on decades of experience delivering results for our clients.

Partners in Innovation

Working with clients around the world ranging from startups to the financial industry’s largest institutions, we’ve been there and done that. And along the way, inspired and delivered innovative solutions that have helped modernize retail investing and brokerage.
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Keeping You on Pace with the Industry

Our team stays on top of changes to market structure, regulations and vendor requirements, updating our technology accordingly to greatly reduce the time and resources you need to spend maintaining yours.
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As it Should Be.

We provide what you need to deliver modern investing experiences to your clients. With robust, easy-to-use APIs, SDKs and a technology stack that support the full investment lifecycle – onboarding, KYC, banking, order management (OMS), trade execution, custody, market data and content, books and records support, multi-custodial support and more – ViewTrade will work with you to get your business to market and stay ahead of the competition.

Open Accounts with our Onboard Service

Fast, efficient technology to streamline your customer’s experience and enable holistic digital account opening, compliantly and at scale.

  • Digital document creation and API presentation
  • Automated document and identity verification via connections to KYC providers around the world
  • Electronic signature capabilities
  • Digital document retention and version control
  • API connectivity to clearing firms, brokers, and custodians via our Custodian Gateway
  • Compliance and Customer Service Dashboards

Empower with our Watchmen Service

Plug-and-play services that can support the entire trade lifecycle through any delivery method, including FIX, file transfers, APIs and web sockets. Real-time visibility and control over all your customer accounts, operations, routing and compliance – all on a single order management system (OMS).

  • User/Account/Order/Position monitoring and control 
  • Buying power and trading limit monitoring and control
  • Fractional share/Notional order engine
  • FIX Connectivity
  • Bank linking and money movement monitoring and control
  • Trade surveillance, including manipulative activity identification 
  • Options monitoring and control
  • Corporate action control
  • Daily CAT/CAIS reporting to FINRA
  • SEC Rule 606 Reporting
  • Robust risk management capabilities, including 15c3-5 compliance
  • Market data subscription control
  • Advanced operational and customer support tools
  • Business control/analytics

Connect via our Watchmen Gateway Service

We’ve built integrations with the industry’s leading venues, tools and capabilities. With ViewTrade, take one or take them all – without having to build your own. And if you have a preferred vendor, custodian, or other industry partner, we will integrate them – at no cost to you.
  • Major exchanges 
  • Broker-dealers and market makers
  • Brokerage and bank custodians
  • KYC compliance providers
  • Securities lending services
  • Banking services
  • Mutual fund services
  • Digital asset/crypto services
  • Market data/quote services, including via API
    • CTA
    • UTA
    • Opera
    • CBOE One Equities and BZX
  • Content vendors
  • and more

Inform with our Passport to Wall Street Service

Offer your clients unmatched insights, data and analytics to make informed investing decisions.
  • Market data/quote delivery services 
  • ETF center
  • Stock screeners
  • Heat maps
  • Sector and industry views
  • Company profile 
  • IPO center
  • Earnings and dividend calendars
  • Our own alpha-seeking tools like Seasonality, Alpha Tracker, Options Radar and Sector Drill Down
  • Connectivity to select Morningstar content
  • Connectivity to Click IPO and prospectuses
  • Connectivity to TipRanks services
  • News curated and translated into multiple languages by our own editors 
  • Publishing software to write your own articles, research and client notices
  • White-labeled web, mobile and desktop platforms for your customers, or to fill a gap in your platform offering

Develop with our APIs or SDKs

Build your own proprietary stack while tapping into our unrivalled suite of API endpoints for every element of our Services, plus Javascript, Java, and Golang SDKs. Visit our Developers page here to learn more.

In-House or External Brokerage as a Service

Whether you use our in-house broker (ViewTrade Securities, Inc.), handle brokerage yourself, or use other firms for brokerage, clearing and custody, you can work with third parties using our technology, and likely do so at a cost and within a timeframe that would be impossible on your own.

The Force That Fuels Digital Finance

Looking for a partner to relieve you from the minutia and complexity of financial services so you can focus on delivering great customer experiences?