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Privacy Policy

This document sets forth the Privacy Policy of Orbis Systems, Inc. (“Orbis Systems”), concerning the privacy interests of individual consumers and customer’s (described below and hereinafter referred to as “customers”) of Orbis Systems. Orbis Systems is a financial technology company.

In its capacity as a financial technology company Orbis Systems receives and/or comes into contact with certain non-public personal information concerning its current and/or former customers, including but not limited to certain non-public personal information related to the securities account(s) that customers open and/or maintain via Orbis Systems technology.  Any and all such non-public personal information related to such customers and/or such customers’ securities account(s) is hereinafter referred to as “non-public personal information”. Orbis Systems receives and/or comes into contact with the non-public personal information only for purposes of conducting its business as described above. For convenience herein, “you” or “your” refers to any and all customer(s) described above. 


In conducting its business as described above, Orbis Systems collects (or may collect), for example, the following types of non-public personal information: 

  1. Information about you: (1) information you provide in connection with securities accounts, margin loan, debit cards or any other financial product or service, whether in writing, in person, by telephone, electronically or by any other means, such as your name, address, social security number, tax ID number, assets, income, investment objectives, financial situation and debt.

  2. Information about your transactions with non-affiliated third parties: (1) information from non-affiliated third parties pursuant to law, rules, regulations, standard securities industry practice and/or legal process, including information and/or documents received, shared, produced or provided in connection with a subpoena, discovery request or other legal process compelling production; and (2) information from non-affiliated third parties related to servicing your account for purposes of providing financial technology services. 

  3. Information from a consumer reporting agency: (1) information from a consumer reporting agency regarding your creditworthiness or credit history or other information with regards to margin lending or other financial transactions; (2) information about the fact that you are a customer of Orbis Systems; and (3) information from other outside sources regarding their employment of, credit to or other relationship with you, or verifying representations made by you, such as your employment history, loan or credit card balances. 


Orbis Systems discloses to its affiliates and non-affiliated third parties’ non-public personal information only in connection with Orbis Systems providing financial technology services. Such disclosures may be provided to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties: (i) as required or necessary to carry out fully and properly the business of Orbis Systems (such as, for example, disclosures to affiliated and non-affiliated third party service providers supplying to Orbis Systems computer related, document processing and delivery, and data maintenance or processing services, and disclosures to non-affiliated third parties such as clearing agencies and entities); (ii) as required by law or legal process; or (iii) with your consent.


Orbis Systems will disclose non-public personal information about the former customers of Orbis Systems only as permitted and/or required by law or legal process, or with your consent.


Orbis Systems is committed to implementing and maintaining commercially reasonable and appropriate measures to maintain your non-public personal information in a secure and confidential fashion. Orbis Systems information and security procedures may include, but are not limited to the following features; 

  1. Access controls on customer information systems, including controls to authenticate and permit access only to authorized individuals and controls to prevent Orbis Systems employees from providing non-public information to unauthorized individuals who may seek to obtain this information through fraudulent means. 

  2. Physical access restrictions at locations containing non-public personal information. 

  3. Stringent pre-employment screening, including fingerprinting, and segregation of duties for Orbis Systems employees with responsibilities for or access to non-public information. 

Orbis Systems regularly reviews, revises, and updates its information security program to account for changes in technology.

Orbis Systems reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time.


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