Implementing Plug-and-Go Technology to Move Seminario’s Retail Investing Online


With over 35 years of experience in the equities market, Seminario y Cia SAB is the largest independently owned retail broker-dealer in Peru.  


Prior to its engagement with ViewTrade, Seminario’s retail clients primarily placed trades over the phone. However, rising trade volumes meant this traditional, offline method grew ever more difficult and time-consuming to sustain, forcing a decision between growth, and maintaining high levels of customer service to existing customers. It became clear that, in order to both grow and maintain customer satisfaction, Seminario required a streamlined, affordable way for its retail clients to buy and sell U.S securities. 


In this case study, learn how ViewTrade armed Seminario with online trading capabilities through the implementation of an agile and secure white-labeled platform, allowing Seminario’s customers to trade and invest more efficiently.

“In the first four months, we have managed to execute 10% of our northbound U.S. equity order flow directly by our end customers, and we continue to see growth in those numbers.

Javier Cuzzi, Head of Methods and Systems Organization


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