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Some stories are best told aloud. ViewTrade’s Video Resource Center is your source for original content from our teams around the world. We’ll be adding content here on a regular basis, so we invite you to bookmark this page and follow us on social media for updates: LinkedIn, X, Facebook.

Nasdaq TradeTalks: The New T+1 Settlement Cycle for Applicable Securities

On a recent episode of Nasdaq TradeTalks, ViewTrade President of Brokerage Services James St. Clair joined Christopher Hurley from CAPIS and Terrence Cheung from LiquidityBook to discuss the new T+1 settlement cycle for applicable securities and the necessary steps the industry needs to take to comply with the switch.

APAC Trends Part One: Legacy Financial Institutions

In Part One, ViewTrade Chief Revenue Officer of APAC and Middle East Laksh examines three prevalent trends across APAC’s established financial institutions:

  • Push towards efficient structures and processes
  • Increased investment in back and middle-office systems
  • Appetite for a larger product catalog

APAC Trends Part Two: Emerging Providers

In Part Two, ViewTrade Chief Revenue Officer of APAC and Middle East Laksh examines three prevalent trends across APAC’s more modernized fintech players that are addressing a changing technology and financial landscape:

  • Rationalization of business models
  • Focus on outcomes versus access
  • Fractionalizing even more markets

A Primer on Overnight Trading featuring James St. Clair, President, Brokerage Services

President of Brokerage Services James St. Clair walks us through the history of the overnight trading session, how it compares and contrasts with trading during regular hours and the challenges and opportunities this strategy presents for industry firms.

At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations

James St. Clair, President of Brokerage Services, discusses the transition to T+1 settlement. With the rule change going into effect on May 28, 2024, James examined the importance of adequate preparation, concrete steps that affected firms can take and the ways ViewTrade is helping its clients get ready for this momentous shift.

Harrington Starr TV: Global Investing Trends in 2024 | FinTech Focus TV with Laksh Gangwani

In this episode of FinTech Focus TV, Laksh Gangwani, ViewTrade Chief Revenue Officer of APAC and Middle East, discusses the value of partnership, explores the latest macro trends in brokerage and tech, as well as the importance of pushing towards a more realistic business model, after the post-COVID tech bounce. 

Cross-Border Investing: Exchanges vs. Venues and the NBBO

In this video, ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli discusses the breadth of U.S. trading venues and the National Best Bid & Offer – NBBO – a two-sided price that captures the best bid and offer prices for a given security.

Cross-Border Investing: Uniqueness of the U.S. Market – Custody

In this video, ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli offers perspectives on U.S. market structure, with a focus on some of the aspects of custody & clearing in the U.S. vis-a-vis other markets.

Cross-Border Investing: Omnibus vs. Fully Disclosed Accounts

In this video, ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli discusses the differences between omnibus and fully disclosed models for opening new customer accounts – and why brokers, wealth managers, investment advisers and other firms should care about the difference.

Enabling Cross-Border Investing

In this video, ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli taps into decades of experience building solutions for cross-border investing to share advice with listeners on how to approach this strategic endeavor. Highlights include advice for selecting enabling partners and top considerations for firms interested in activating cross-border investment opportunities for their retail clients.

At the Forefront: Fintech Conversations

ViewTrade CEO Tony Petrilli sat with Forefront Communications in early 2023 to discuss our history, position in the market, and outlook heading into the year as we rolled out new products and services.

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