ViewTrade Adds Carrying Broker Services to Its Suite of Comprehensive Brokerage and Investment Solutions

ViewTrade Securities, Inc., the broker-dealer subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding Corporation, today announced the launch of its carrying broker services, adding to ViewTrade Holding Corporation’s already robust B2B2C technology and services offerings utilized by a diverse global customer base of broker-dealers, fintechs and registered investment advisors (RIAs).

With ViewTrade Securities obtaining its carry broker status, ViewTrade’s financial services clients now have a choice to open accounts with clearing firms, brokers and bank custodians connected to ViewTrade’s technology, utilize the carry broker technology to carry their own customer accounts, or  have ViewTrade Securities, Inc. open, maintain, and carry their customer accounts directly to create an even more seamless and cost-effective customer experience of integrated front, middle, and now back office technology and services.

“ViewTrade has seen tremendous growth and adoption of our solutions by a spectrum of market participants and service providers around the world, and the ability to offer carry services through our broker-dealer expands our solution set even further,” said James StClair, President of ViewTrade Securities, Inc. “Our enhanced registration status allows ViewTrade Securities to provide ahost of books and records, custody, corporate action, cashiering, confirm, statement, tax and other services directly, giving us greater flexibility in providing global services to our financial services and fintech clients and their customers.”

ViewTrade provides technology, support and brokerage services that enable financial services clients to quickly launch or enhance a retail investing experience. Committed to providing seamless and low-cost solutions, ViewTrade’s innovation in products and services is guided by client demand and developed in concert with its financial services clients.

“In today’s highly competitive market, our clients are looking for ways to streamline, reduce complexity, and obtain turnkey and highly scalable solutions that allow them to focus resources on developing and delivering the edge that sets them apart from the competition. Allowing ViewTrade Securities to carry customer accounts enables our clients to obtain end-to-end, fully integrated solutions from ViewTrade Holding as a single source provider, a real advantage that also comes with an excellent client experience,” said Anthony Petrilli, CEO of ViewTrade Holding Corp.  

About ViewTrade

ViewTrade is the force that powers fintech and cross-border investing for financial services firms throughout the world. We provide the technology, support and brokerage services that business innovators need to quickly launch or enhance a retail investing experience. Over the past 20+ years, our approach has helped 300+ firms – from technology startups to large banks, brokers and advisors – create the differentiating investment experiences their customers demand. With clients in over 20 countries and a team that brings decades of experience and understanding of brokerage technology and services, we help our business clients deliver the investment access and financial solutions they require. Brokerage services offered through ViewTrade Securities, Inc., Member FINRA/SIPC.

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