Finance Feeds: ViewTrade Empowers Taiwan Broker Fubon To Launch US Fractional Trading

Taiwan-based brokerage Fubon has selected ViewTrade to launch access to U.S. markets for retail accounts of all sizes as well as the ability to buy fractional shares.

Fubon is looking to address the growing demand from Taiwan citizens and residents for the US equities market and enhance the offering with fractional capabilities in order to make stock trading accessible to everyone.

With its ability to facilitate dollar-cost averaging, Fractional trading is an important component provided by ViewTrade in the Asia market.

Fractional Trading For Retail Investors

Andy Liao, Business Development – Asia at ViewTrade, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Fubon and providing their customers with this new financial opportunity. Fractional trading via an omnibus account has made it possible to relieve the burden on retail investors to meet whole-share minimums. With fractional share trading, younger, newer investors can get an earlier start participating in the markets by investing.”

Jiemin Wang, Head of Global Equities Product Team at Fubon, commented: “Fractional trading allows us to provide investors, with small investment amounts, the opportunity to invest in high-priced stocks, which was once a pain point that we were unable to solve. Now, they can enjoy being the shareholder of Amazon, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Tesla, Costco, etc.”.

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