ViewTrade Holding Corp. Partners with Seminario to Enable Retail Investors in Peru to Digitally Invest in U.S. Securities

JERSEY CITY, N.J., Dec. 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ViewTrade Holding Corp. (“ViewTrade”) announced its partnership with Seminario y Cia Sociedad Agente de Bolsa S.A. (“Seminario”), the largest independently owned retail broker-dealer in Peru. The integration with innovative fintech solutions provider ViewTrade is now enabling Seminario’s customers to invest in U.S. securities online.

“This partnership is revolutionary for Seminario and its retail clients in Peru, and we are proud to offer the turnkey solutions that are driving it,” said Kenneth Chan, Managing Director of ViewTrade Holding Corporation and President of Orbis Systems. “Before now, Seminario’s retail customers were primarily placing trades in U.S. securities via telephone, speaking with a locally registered Seminario representative each time they wanted to initiate a transaction. This integration is another example of how we are helping to democratize investing across the globe, and we look forward to enabling further growth for Seminario.”

The backend integration and launch of ViewTrade’s white-labeled trading platform took only two weeks. After launch, retail clients of Seminario began trading directly through an agile, intuitive and secure platform that is proven to withstand heavy trading volumes and volatility. By integrating with the leading fintech solutions provider, Seminario avoided having to invest in increasing headcount or building its own financial technology infrastructure, which could take years to develop.

“We are happy to partner with leading fintech innovator ViewTrade,” said Javier Cuzzi, Head of Methods and Systems Organization. “The plug-in fintech infrastructure and turnkey solutions that ViewTrade provides are now enabling us to meet the heavy retail investing demand we are experiencing in Peru – and in the most efficient way. This has been an incredible milestone in our fintech evolution and we look forward to continuing to offer our clients a more frictionless experience for investing in U.S. securities.”

About ViewTrade Holding Corporation

ViewTrade Holding Corp. (“ViewTrade”), through its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities, Inc. and Orbis Systems, Inc., is leading the industry in the digital shift to embedded finance and helping to democratize investing across the globe. ViewTrade offers clients – ranging from broker dealers to fintech disruptors and financial institutions — a competitive edge by providing a direct and cost-efficient connection to U.S. markets.

Today, ViewTrade serves clients in more than 20 countries across four continents, representing millions of individual investors. Our offerings translate into multiple languages and provide client service in more than a dozen languages. As a B2B firm, we never compete with our clients for business.

ViewTrade Securities’ products run on Orbis Systems’ innovative technology. The firm has more than 20 years of experience operating in financial markets. In addition to powering ViewTrade platforms, Orbis Systems provides other fintech disruptors and innovators game-changing APIs and seamless integration to broker-dealers, clearing and custodian providers, market data and information content providers, as well as AML and KYC vendors.

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