ViewTrade Holding Corporation and SinoPac Securities Celebrate Nearly 20 Years of Partnership, Bringing Access to U.S. Securities and Trading Innovation to Tens of Thousands of Investors in Taiwan

Recent Product Launches Include Fractional Shares Trading in U.S. Securities

JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ViewTrade Holding Corp. (“ViewTrade”) and Taiwan-based SinoPac Securities (“SinoPac”), which have been partners for nearly two decades, announced that tens of thousands of investors in Taiwan have now benefitted from the fractional shares capability through SinoPac’s Stock Savings Plan. The integration of the trading system from SinoPac, with technology from Orbis Systems, and market connectivity from ViewTrade Securities (both subsidiaries of ViewTrade Holding), made the purchase of fractional shares in U.S. securities in Taiwan a reality.

“We are honored to have helped SinoPac become the first broker in Taiwan to offer clients the ability to fractionally invest in U.S.-listed securities online,” said Kenneth J. Chan, Managing Director at ViewTrade Holding. “This is a notable example of ViewTrade’s collaborative approach with our clients. SinoPac came to us with the request, and we worked side-by-side through a few regulatory hurdles and time experimenting with the new offering within a FinTech Regulatory Sandbox. Today, we remain committed to supporting SinoPac as the firm continues to leverage our partnership to be able to further democratize investing for its customers in Taiwan, while offering them seamless and cost-efficient access to U.S. securities.”

It is through SinoPac’s trading app DAWHO “大戶投,” that customers are able to select from 36 U.S. equities and 48 exchange traded funds (ETFs) to invest in periodically, choosing the same date each month. To further their retail trading innovation and enhance their periodic investing offering, SinoPac Securities wanted to make it possible for individual investors to invest a fixed amount each month in fractional shares of U.S. securities to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging.

About SinoPac Securities
SinoPac Securities (the Company), established in 1988 and the first among its peers to list on Taiwan’s TPEx market, is a fully-owned subsidiary of SinoPac Financial Holdings Company Limited (SinoPac FHC). 

SinoPac Securities service scope spans brokering, proprietary trading, underwriting, international business, fixed income, new financial products, etc. The Company is a major integrated securities firm in Taiwan with a paid-in capital of NT$16.212 billion and 47 service locations, and the Company’s business rankings are among the leading positions in the industry. The Company merged with Pacific Securities in 2012 to increase its brokerage market share and overall competitiveness. In 2016, the Company merged BEA Wealth Management Services (Taiwan) Limited, and the Company’s subsidiary SinoPac Securities (Cayman) Holdings Limited acquired Hong Kong-based Tung Shing Holdings Company Limited to strengthen the Company’s wealth management business and its competitive position in Hong Kong. SinoPac Securities accepted the brokerage business, business equipment, and net assets of margin trading and short selling accounts of eight IBT Securities branches, providing a catalyst to improve the Company’s brokerage market share and profitability, and positively benefiting shareholders’ equity. 

Aside from the domestic market, SinoPac Securities has also been aggressively deploying overseas with business locations in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and London to provide an optimized financial services integration platform. As an innovator in the industry, SinoPac Securities fully embraces the digital finance revolution. Through effective branding and development strategies, the Company aims to be a digital leader in the securities industry and the first choice for seamless wealth management services, in accordance with the mission to be a premier integrated financial services provider. 

SinoPac’s trading app DAWHO “大戶投” enables customers in Taiwan to open accounts online, access real-time market data, Fintech content and seamlessly invest in U.S. securities.

About ViewTrade Holding Corporation
ViewTrade Holding Corp. (“ViewTrade”), through its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities, Inc. and Orbis Systems, Inc., is leading the industry in the digital shift to embedded finance and helping to democratize investing across the globe. ViewTrade offers clients – ranging from broker dealers to fintech disruptors and financial institutions — a competitive edge by providing a direct and cost-efficient connection to U.S. markets, which includes facilitating fractional trading in 2,900 equity securities and 100 ETFs.

Today, ViewTrade serves clients in more than 20 countries across four continents, representing millions of individual investors. Our offerings translate into multiple languages and provide client service in more than a dozen languages. As a B2B firm, we never compete with our clients for business. 
ViewTrade Securities’ products run on Orbis Systems’ innovative technology. The firm has more than 20 years of experience operating in financial markets. In addition to powering ViewTrade platforms, Orbis Systems provides other fintech disruptors and innovators game-changing APIs and seamless integration to broker-dealers, clearing and custodian providers, market data and information content providers, as well as AML and KYC vendors.

For more information, visit the ViewTrade Securities, Inc. (Member FINRA and SIPC) and Orbis Systems, Inc. websites, and follow ViewTrade Holding Corporation on LinkedIn and Twitter.