ViewTrade Holding Launches Cloud-Based Data Storage Features to Make Client Onboarding Process Even Smoother and More Secure

JERSEY CITY, N.J., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Orbis Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of ViewTrade Holding Corp. and leading fintech company, is releasing a new cloud-based data storage feature to its suite of account management and onboarding offerings, giving clients a new way to back-up data that is both secure and easily accessible.

Orbis’ new storage feature automatically creates a snapshot of completed new account applications and stores them in a secondary back-up cloud location, in addition to their own controlled storage solution. Once stored, a client can retrieve the data for any application as a password-protected PDF. This secondary option provides both extra data security and peace of mind. Clients can also choose to store a backup of the new application in their own controlled storage provider.

“At Orbis we are committed to constantly improving our systems and continuously innovating to offer new features that enhance the client experience,” said Sergei Lishchenko, Director of Digital Experience and Innovation at Orbis Systems. “This new cloud-based data storage offering is another way that we are ensuring that every step in the client onboarding process runs smoothly.”

Applications backed up in client-controlled SFTP or AWS S3 cloud storage environments can be retrieved as a password-protected PDF. Clients can choose to configure their storage system as WORM (write once, read many)-compliant. This storage method ensures that the data cannot be changed once created and is unalterable once stored.

“Staying compliant during the account opening process is essential for our clients,” said Mark Ford, Chief Compliance Officer at ViewTrade. “With this innovative new offering of secondary data storage, we are again delivering to the market based on the needs of our clients. This gives them greater peace of mind as well as more convenience, speed and flexibility when it comes to the account onboarding process.”

About ViewTrade Holding Corporation

ViewTrade Holding Corp. (“ViewTrade”), through its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities, Inc. and Orbis Systems, Inc., is leading the industry in the digital shift to embedded finance and helping to democratize investing across the globe. ViewTrade offers clients – ranging from broker dealers to fintech disruptors and financial institutions — a competitive edge by providing a direct and cost-efficient connection to U.S. markets.

Today, ViewTrade serves clients in more than 20 countries across four continents, representing millions of individual investors. Our offerings translate into multiple languages and provide client service in more than a dozen languages. As a B2B firm, we never compete with our clients for business.

ViewTrade Securities’ products run on Orbis Systems’ innovative technology. The firm has more than 20 years of experience operating in financial markets. In addition to powering ViewTrade platforms, Orbis Systems provides other fintech disruptors and innovators game-changing APIs and seamless integration to broker-dealers, clearing and custodian providers, market data and information content providers, as well as AML and KYC vendors.

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