ViewTrade Wins FinanceFeeds Awards “Outstanding All-in-One Brokerage Solution”  

Finding the right brokerage solutions that meet the needs of today’s investors has been a challenging task. With innovation and accessibility being the key factors that set apart brokerages and their technology partners, ViewTrade has redefined the concept of an all-in-one brokerage package by offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower their broker-dealer, bank, fintech and other clients to cater to investors of all levels.

From the dozens of companies competing for the FinanceFeeds Awards in its inaugural edition, ViewTrade garnered the “Outstanding All-in-One Brokerage Solution” accolade, a testament to its excellence in the industry. Winning this prestigious award highlights the exceptional qualities of ViewTrade in opening up previously inaccessible markets and delivering global opportunities to businesses and investors worldwide.

ViewTrade’s journey began in 2000 with a singular focus – to enable cross-border investing while reducing costs, complexity, and time to market. With the rise of online retail brokerage outside the United States, ViewTrade seized the opportunity to lead the way by providing innovative, electronic access to the all-important U.S. market. 

Today, ViewTrade continues to pave the way for fintech and cross-border investment, positioning itself as an essential partner for financial services firms globally. The firm provides the technology, support, and brokerage services necessary for businesses to swiftly launch or upgrade their retail trading experiences. Over the past two decades, ViewTrade has collaborated with over 300 firms, including technology startups, large banks, brokers, and advisors, to create differentiated investment experiences that meet their customers’ demands.

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