ViewTrade’s Advanced Overnight Trading: Empowering Investing Around the Clock – And Across The Globe

ViewTrade was founded at the turn of the 21st century with a singular, fundamental aim: to inspire investing everywhere. In an effort to eliminate the access and connectivity barriers traditionally associated with cross-border investing, we’ve spent more than two decades arming investors with the tech, support and brokerage services they need to actively participate in the global financial markets.

By offering both an in-house broker and external brokerage-as-a-service technology, we’ve successfully opened up previously inaccessible markets to businesses that provide financial services to investors worldwide. We’ve worked with clients ranging from fintech startups to banking giants, and our deep understanding of the intricacies of the all-important US market only furthers our ability to support their efforts to deliver differentiated investing experiences.

One of the principal ways we continue to drive efficiencies across borders is by offering overnight trading services. Through our 24/5 services, financial services firms can offer their customers access to around-the-clock trading of select U.S. equities, with access to certain global markets via our established network of executing partners and exchange memberships. Clients in Asia and Europe are empowered to trade the markets from any time zone, without missing a beat. This flexibility and convenience allows them to react to international news and market events that may impact their investments – even when their local market or the US markets are closed. With award-winning brokerage support in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hebrew and Spanish, our experienced support team goes the extra mile to make sure our clients’ end investors get their trades executed as expected.

Since introducing the traditional Overnight session (8 PM ET to 4 AM ET) a year ago, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in demand for a more robust offering –  particularly from firms in APAC, a region that is experiencing an boom in U.S. equities trade volume. Investors based in the rapidly evolving Asia-Pacific region have long been inhibited by the vast time zone differences between their local markets and the US markets and burdened by the late hours or early mornings required to participate in real-time trading. The recent rise of “black swan” and “grey rhino” events taking place in the U.S. during local post-market hours has only added additional pressure, and ViewTrade’s brokerage services arm firms with the ability to connect their customers with US market execution when it’s convenient for them.

The rollout of our overnight trading aligns with our long-standing dedication to serving our financial services clients’ individual needs to best support the success of their business – no matter their time zone. ViewTrade’s a la carte menu of solutions and services is constantly expanded and enhanced upon – so clients who leverage our broad array of brokerage, market data and onboarding and management services know they are getting the most advanced tech on the market.

Our exceptional client service, market insight and pledged partnership with our array of clients underscore our efforts to deliver the investment access that today’s fintech businesses and their customers require. In an industry that demands constant technological innovation and enhancement, ViewTrade remains committed to developing the advanced trading solutions required to create outstanding retail investment experiences.

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